FCA at Work

FCA members who participated in the Orlando Mission trip.

By Amaya Banks, PCHS 2018.

When many people think of a mission trip, they think of a trip where people go around and just read the Bible to a stranger and tell that person how they are supposed to live. But when that person leaves, is that stranger really going to accept and remember what that person said? When our FCA team went to Orlando, we showed the love of Jesus through our service and that’s what really leaves a mark on people. Actions speak louder than words.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, also known as FCA, is an organization of student athletes who share a common goal which is to get a closer relationship with Christ. This year our FCA team went on a mission trip to Orlando where we visited Tangelo Elementary twice, did yard work at a homeless shelter, went shopping, and did many more fun activities.

FCA members visit Tangalo Elementary School students to help teachers and tutor students.

This trip was more than just a trip of fun; this was a life changing trip. Personally, this trip made me realize how important it is to develop a relationship with God. I was also able to find myself and learn how to read and actually understand the Bible.

When I went to the homeless shelter and started working outside, I was complaining in my head about how it was too hot, how dirty I was going to get.  I asked myself why did we have to do it?  But with gritty skin, dirt-filled noses, and faces smudged with dirt, we completed the task at hand.

The FCA Team raked and bagged leaves to help out at the Women’s and Children’s Home.

Then it came to me- I was showing my love for Jesus through serving others. While visiting the homeless shelter in Orlando, I was able to reflect on how well off I am and how I should be very grateful about the things I have and the lifestyle my parents have given me. Overall, the majority of the students who went on the trip with us really liked it and learned something from it. This is just the beginning of the new FCA at Putnam County High, and I can’t wait to see what the years will bring.


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