Next in Line ’18

By:Harley Blankenship As a junior myself it is somewhat scary seeing all of my clique leaving high school. I know we will see each other all summer and that they are barely going down the road to college, but it is mind blowing. Watching the people I have grown with go through our PCHS doors... Continue Reading →


That Blueberry Muffin Recipe

By: Ansley Evans '20 We all have that go-to recipe or that one recipe we are looking for. My go-to breakfast recipe is blueberry muffins. It is a simple and delicious recipe. You can make this recipe with a few simple ingredients and it takes no time at all. All you will need is... Ingredients:... Continue Reading →


By: Harley Blankenship '18 Racism, homo-phobia, poor-vs-rich, and physical images of one another, are all factors that hold humanity at a halt. "WE as People Stand Together on the Same Ground As ONE" - that is what the headlines on 'FOX NEWS' should be. But instead all we hear are stories of a black guy... Continue Reading →

Girls, need a confidence boost?

By: Simone Gibson '19 Why is it so tough being a woman sometimes?  Nowadays women suffer from a number of different things in society. One of them main problems we face today is that we have to deal with gender inequality and being less the worth of a man. Which is totally unfair.  However, has... Continue Reading →

Lions, Tigers, Finals…OH MY!

By Harley Blankenship, PCHS '18 "It was a dark and stormy day." Isn't that how all horror stories start? But this is no horror story containing masked murderers. This is judgement week, and these are bubble sheets of doom. Finals: the tests that determine our intelligence and advancement onto the next chapter of our lives.... Continue Reading →

Senior Samantha Rawls: From Eagle to Cougar

by Jada Burke, PCHS '18 On May 18th, Putnam County High School Senior, Samantha Rawls, officially signed to further her cheerleading career with Columbus State University’s all-girl competitive squad. Samantha has dedicated her time cheering since she was in sixth grade and is so excited for her future as a Columbus State Cougar. During her... Continue Reading →

Everything Everything Book Review

By: Ansley Evans, PCHS '20 If you knew love could kill you, what would you do just to experience it? The world outside of the thin glass window that belongs to the home of Madeline Whittier is filled with threats, viruses, and bacteria. The book Everything Everything, written by Nicola Yoon, has everything you need…... Continue Reading →

The All American Boys

by Simone Gibson, PCHS '19 Today, in the 21st century certain people in this country are still discriminated against because the color of their skin and the way they dress. Which is totally unfair. After all this country we have been through race somehow still manages to be a problem. In the outstanding  book All... Continue Reading →

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