Next in Line ’18

By:Harley Blankenship

As a junior myself it is somewhat scary seeing all of my clique leaving high school. I know we will see each other all summer and that they are barely going down the road to college, but it is mind blowing. Watching the people I have grown with go through our PCHS doors to never return.

Tears, and the feel of abandonment overwhelm me, but also a sense of relief.

They made it. And now it is my turn.

There are oh-so many posts about senioritis and how they deal with their departure. But what about us: the ones who have to fill their shoes.

Before we truly take on the responsibilities, why don’t we make the transition easier by welcoming ourselves as seniors?

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen as of Friday, May, 26, I present you the class of 2018.

(Come forth butterflies in thy stomachs)

Surely it is here. Now is our time to rule the school. We have made it this far; get ready for the home stretch. Now I know it is scary, all the money on caps, gowns, pictures, adds, and festivities. All the time on ACT and SAT prep, college applications, jobs, scholarships, but it is so totally worth it.

Next year we will have our lower class mates crying over our departure while we lead off unto the world. I can not wait.

To end the year off right this is a post to encourage all of our upcoming seniors to stick in there the end is soon to come (cause I know we all are ready).

But first we must send off our 12th graders properly.

So, to all the seniors that I myself and so many others have come to know and love, we are proud of you. Whether or not you leave with a honors sash or barely holding on to that cap, you did it, and you all are an inspiration to the rest of us.

We love you all and we are going to miss you all so dearly, but we can not wait to see what you all will accomplish.

Fair well class of 2017, you outta here!

(*P.S to the specific seniors that I will dearly miss, Jessica Howe, Nancy Xiong, Jessica White, Abigail Louise, Miriam Smith, Mikayla Lollis, Keeon Culp, Charlie Farmer, Maddison Rogers, Jodeci Ellison, Brandon Price, and Trionna Spicer, I am honored to know you all)

-Harley Blankenship


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