Girls, need a confidence boost?

By: Simone Gibson ’19

Why is it so tough being a woman sometimes?  Nowadays women suffer from a number of different things in society. One of them main problems we face today is that we have to deal with gender inequality and being less the worth of a man. Which is totally unfair.  However, has anyone ever focused on the emotional suffering that some women have to go through?

In the book HER., the author focuses on the emotional suffering a woman has to go through. HER. is very unique because it is full of poems. Although some people would not consider it a novel, it is still a very interesting book.  The author Pierre Alex Jeanty writes poems encouraging and helping women and young girls realize how special are. She helps build the reader’s confidence which can greatly help a teen or adolescent.

Pierre Jeanty  expresses things about a woman that some men may not pay attention to. What better person to get advice from than a woman who has been through the same things? This is why you will be sure to get a confidence boost after reading this book.

Pierre Jeanty easily relates to females because she is one. After reading through the book the author helps the readers realize how special and beautiful they are on the inside and the outside. This book is great for reading on a daily basis.  It will increase your confidence level and help you get through your day.

Women have to deal with a number of things in our society. Whether the issue is physical, social, or emotional. This is why the book HER. is so amazing  – because it can help  women get through their daily struggle and long term struggles.


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