5 Ideal Places for Teens to Go During The Summer in GA

Amaya Banks, PCHS ’18

Sleeping, watching Netflix, and just relaxing sounds like some great things for us teens to do during the summer, but even those things can get old and boring. We want to get out of the house sometimes and do things and go places with our friends; summer is the ideal time for us to do just that. During the summer, we get to let go of all the stress from school and just have fun, enjoy life, and enjoy it while we’re young.

Sky Zone (Kennesaw GA)-Sky zone is an indoor trampoline park for all ages. It includes mainly trampolines but it has many different things you can enjoy while jumping on the trampolines. You can try to dunk in the different basketball goals, you can play dodgeball on the trampolines, and you can also jump into the foam pits. You may think that sky zone is mainly a place for little kids but once you see all those trampolines and foam pits you’re going to want to join in on the fun.

  1. Rigby’s (Warner Robins GA)– Rigby’s is an arcade place that has roller skating, go kart track, bowling alley, laser tag and mini golf all in one place. It’s a place that meets the needs of different people. So instead of you going multiple places in one day to satisfy your different friends, you all can just go to Rigby’s and everyone will be able to do what they want.
  2. Dave & Busters (Duluth GA)- Everyone knows about Dave and Buster’s; it has been known as the spot to go with friends for the longest. Throughout the years it has never disappointed, well at least from my experiences, and it is also an arcade that has a bar, and restaurant inside. It’s also a place for all ages.
  3. Carmike Hollywood Connection (Columbus GA)- Hollywood Connection is one of the bigger arcades. It includes mini golf, skating, and laser tag. To me, the laser tag is one of the best in GA. Carmike also has a pizza place in the inside that sells huge pizzas that are so good. So, if you want good pizza, good laser tag, and like to skate, then this is your place.
  4. Ultimate Escape Game (Atlanta GA)- This is not the typical place us teens would find ourselves going. It is a place where a group of people are locked in a room for an hour or hour and a half and must find clues that will help them get out the room and solve the mystery or problem. So, if you want to give your brain a slight workout and have a good laugh at your friends because of the things they do to try and get out the room, this is your place to go.

I’ve given you some ideal paces for you and your friends to go and hangout at during the summer, so if your summer is boring it is because of you.



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