Lions, Tigers, Finals…OH MY!

By Harley Blankenship, PCHS ’18

“It was a dark and stormy day.” Isn’t that how all horror stories start? But this is no horror story containing masked murderers. This is judgement week, and these are bubble sheets of doom.

Finals: the tests that determine our intelligence and advancement onto the next chapter of our lives. It is scary especially for high school students. A score determining essentially the rest of your life. Soak that in. A number categorizes a human being, and is the only thing standing between them and their future.

This is even scary for a teacher in high school; they have to make sure you pass these devils. They prioritize mastery of standards over real education. But it is not their faults. To tell the truth I do not have a clue what cult leader, ring master, or puppet snatcher came up with these standards. Whenever I ask, I receive the response of “The State of Georgia”. Which is complete nonsense to me because I’m pretty sure a distorted shape is not in charge of thousands of student’s worst nightmares. But, what do I know?

I do know this is not fair. Along side many of my peers we all wished this was abolished so we can focus on what matters. Why aren’t the tests and quizzes enough? The verbal participation during lessons? The endless lined papers, and binders, holding all of our notes? Why is our success not enough? When did students become a score on a piece of paper? It is eye opening. But nevertheless scary.

We all could band together, students and teachers alike and protest, but what good would it bring? None…because at the end of the day we are not really in charge of our academic futures and teachers are not in charge of the tests. The big man on top is. And who created this monster that is hiding under our desks? We may never know.

But we do know is that our intelligence is enough for us. Maybe one day they will get it, understand our pain, realize what we go through. Or maybe it could get worse: more tests, more standards. I could list a million ways to protest which levels of management to write to and which courts to bring our cases to, but nothing will benefit from this. Trust me.

The silver lining is staring us in the face, my friends, nevertheless. Despite the late night study sessions, painful lectures, and ridiculous mastery hoops to jump through, we will one day be these leader’s care-takers, neighbors, co-workers, and whether they like it or not we shall prove that their hurdles (so much athletic terminology) did not cripple us.

We say “WE GRADUATED” to their faces and laugh at their failed attempts to bring us down HA-HA! This is what we do.

So while you are praying to what ever force that pleases you, before you take that test, just remember we’ve all got to deal with them, but we know pay back shall be served when we all become doctors, lawyers, and everything else amazing, therefore proving we are more than a score; and our minds can overcome anything…..even the bubble sheets of doom!

-Harley Blankenship


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