Senior Class Officer Candidates Take Over Social Media for a Day

by Destiny Kieu, PCHS ’18

This week has been hectic with our Senior Class officer candidates campaigning everywhere from Snapchat to Instagram to the walls of PCHS. All of the candidates did a fantastic job showing their committment to serve for the Class of 2018. Through an election, PCHS students were exposed to the world of democracy where they knew that their vote mattered. It is important for every junior to vote for who will represent them in the next school year. The election was very close, but the senior class officers were announced Friday morning by our very own principal, Mr. Dastous.

Congratulations to our newly elected 2017-2018 Senior Class Officers!

President: Jada Burke

Vice President: Destiny Kieu

Secretary: Chinwe Umunna

Treasurer: Amaya Banks

Parliamentarian: Morgan Roberts

You saw these all over the school as Jada Burke hung up flyers to win Senior Class President.
Destiny Kieu and Amaya Banks came up with a catchy slogan to post on Instagram and Snapchat. Destiny ran for Class Vice President, and Amaya ran for Class Treasurer.
Morgan Roberts campaigned through Snapchat for Parliamentarian.
Cameron Bonner’s name was not on the ballot, so he told juniors to write his name in for Class Vice President.
Deon Hill was all over Snapchat when students promote his flyers on their stories, so others can view them.
Chinwe Umunna ran for Class Secretary and won with her campaign through Snapchat.

Again, congratulations to our 2017-2018 Senior Class Officers, and good luck on making the Class of 2018 the best one yet!


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