Invite Only: Last Minute Graduation Invitations and Announcements

by Jada Burke, PCHS ’18

Are you a Senior? And you haven’t even taken your senior pictures and haven’t even THOUGHT about graduation invitations or announcements? Don’t sweat it because I’m here to help! Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make your grad invites when you’re chasing the clock.

Shutter Fly/Tiny Prints is one of the best businesses for anything dealing with photos. Whether it’s a custom blanket or scrapbook, you name it they can do it. When it comes to Graduation invitations creating with Shutterfly or Tiny Prints is a breeze.  All you have to do is upload and drop your images into a desired template and voila, you’re done. This may seem like the easiest option but sometimes simple can be costly. If you are able to spend hundreds of dollars for invites, why not, right? But hey, don’t forget you’re going to have to pay for expedited shipping as well. YIKES.

I’d just make my own invites. Seriously, how hard can it be if even I can do it?

Because I’m a nice person, I inserted the steps on an example graduation invitation.  And yes, it’s not the most traditional. But hey, take what you can get.

Screenshot 2017-05-17 10.34.40
go to and select design and template
Screenshot 2017-05-17 10.35.40
choose your desired template or click on desired size to start from scratch
Screenshot 2017-05-17 10.36.35
replace and add your own information to make it your own!

Screenshot 2017-05-17 10.37.38Screenshot 2017-05-17 10.38.01

Screenshot 2017-05-17 10.40.39
once you’ve played with text, font, and coloring to make it your own!

And finally if you’re like me and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on paper and are too lazy to make your own ,just order from your local Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens they may not be your most beautiful designs but they are inexpensive and they get the point across!

Comment Below which last minute Grad Invite option you chose!! Make sure you share this post with your other senior classmates because trust me, it takes a village.


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