JUNIORS, You’re next. Think You’re Ready? A Checklist for Rising Seniors.

by Addie Meade, PCHS ’17

Going into senior year, everyone thinks it is going to be the easy peasy.  I’m here to warn you, it’s not. Senior year is very stressful. Just because it’s your last year doesn’t mean you should slack off. So here’s a little checklist to keep you in line and calm:

College to do list:

  • Take those entrance exams.  Don’t wait until last minute to take the ACT or SAT.
  • Apply, Apply, Apply!! Apply to as many colleges as you want; it broadens your options in case some don’t accept you.
  • After you get accepted, you need to go ahead and apply for housing, orientation, financial aid, and as many scholarships as you can. The most annoying application process, but the most important one, is FAFSA!! Do this early! (I did mine last minute and stayed stressed out about it).
  • Make sure you meet all deadlines for applications – this could be life or death here!! College is not like high school.  If you miss a deadline nobody is going to make an exception for you because they have 10,000 other kids who are applying too.
  • Pay all of your dues for the applications. Pay as you go so you won’t have so much due at the end!!

Highschool to do list:

  • Make your appointment to get your senior pictures taken.  Even if you don’t think you want to buy them, you definitely want your picture in the year book!
  • Be sure you have finished your Community Service Hours.  Don’t wait until last minute.
  • Do not get lazy and let your grades slip, – senioritis is very real, trust me!!!!!  Keep your eye on that Hope Scholarship.
  • Order your cap and gown early!!! I promise you will be freaking out if you order if last minutes, and if you order it earlier it’s 3 times cheaper than it is if you order it late. Order all of your graduation invitations, because we all want that money 😉
  • Buy that year book (because it’s your last year and I promise you will want to look back at it)
  • Apply for all of your cords (yes this means more applications, I know)
  • Graduate with honors (it’s great on resumes.)
  • Don’t let people at your school bring you down or make you sad. This is your last year of high school, and I promise, you aren’t going to see most of these people when you leave.

When you’re in the same boat as I was in my senior year, you’ll understand not only the stress of senior year, but also the toll it has on your wallet. But it is all worth it because YOU’LL BE GRADUATING!!!!!


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