Prom Recap: Prom 2017 the prom of Y[OUR] dreams…

Prom was held on April 22nd, 2017, at Putnam County High School. The prom committee consisted of Leanne Moncrief, Junior Class Sponsor, and the Junior Class Officers lead by Jada Burke, Class President. This year’s theme was Once Upon A Dream, which consisted of enchanted floral and whimsical greenery for decoration throughout the gym which was used for grand march, the cafeteria which was used as seating for attendees to eat, and the black box which was used for the actual prom and dance location. Alongside the prom committee were several dedicated students, teachers, and parents who helped tremendously along the way when it came to decorating and overcoming sudden obstacles.

Below are pictures of the prom and all the decorated spaces for students and parents to see how much everyone enjoyed the dance, whether they were able to attend or not. These images are being provided to allow people in the community to capture the memories of this event. Please enjoy them!!

The gym: The Grand March was held in the gym at 7:00 pm.  Seniors had the opportunity to strut down an enchanted walkway with an escort of their choosing while they were announced to the people who attended the Grand March.  Below are a few pictures of the grand march ceremony.

The cafeteria was used for students to have a designated eating and sitting area so the space and comfort of prom were optimized. The prom committee went above and beyond to decorate this space by decorating the walls and tables to correlate with their theme, Once Upon a Dream.

The black box was the location for the main event, PROM! It was one of the best prom decorations ever! Here’s a sneak peek of the inside of our Once Upon A Dream themed prom!

Teachers who attended prom also had an amazing time while they volunteered as Chaperones during Grand March and inside of prom,  Here are a few picures of PCHS enjoying the fun of prom as well.

Nominees for prom King and Queen were definetly tough this year. The candidates chosen were some of the most deserving of their class and they should be honored for being the top candidates of their class. The female nominees were: Addie Meade, Camaree Bates, Macey Harris, Kournesia Harris, and Alexis Humphries. The male nominees for prom king were: Timonthy Silva, Jamarcus Jones, Kemon Harris, and Adolphus Dennis.

 Last but not least our 2017 prom Queen and King Macey Harrison and Kemon Harris

Click This Link to see more pictures from Prom!!

To purchase the professional pictures that were taken by Lifetouch, click on the following link and use password: 16-17WAREAGLES



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