The Best Dress for FREE


By Harley Blankenship, PCHS ’18

Prom has come and gone now, but the pain from the preparation is far from faded. Prom was fun, yes, but the days leading up to the biggest school event of the year were the exact opposite. This mostly refers to the ladies-now I’m not saying guys did not go through some tribulations themselves, but females… know what I mean. Waist trainers, countless cans of hairspray and the annoyance of unrealistic expectations haunt us ladies all prom season. But why?

Why do we subject ourselves upon these roles and put ourselves through pain even though they are uncomfortable, unhealthy and just down right annoying? Well I will tell you a few things I have learned about how us females think when it comes to this subject.

We as females are held up to this standard: unreachable. But we attempt to conquer it anyhow and when we fall short. We lose confidence and self respect which is undeserved. This all starts as early as those weird first grade beauty pageants that moms put their daughters in to raise self confidence, but when the 40 year old judges decided your 7 year old was not pretty enough, it causes the exact opposite of what you were expecting. (I was never in one of those I wore overalls, that sentence itself explains why I did not participate.) So when you arrive in high school the biggest event is prom. There is no table that reads “JUDGES” but yet you are surrounded by 200 of the meanest spectators….your PEERS!!!

Yet it is understandable, we all want to look perfect, stand tall, have the most beautiful dress, long lasting makeup, and we all want to out-do the girl standing beside us. But it is natural, right?

Well, I will say it is not natural. Even though humans are a competitive species, I would expect ladies to stand together. But I have learned we do not. The days leading up to prom we all look around to see who is gaining and losing weight, who is getting prettier than you, and who is going with the boy you have had a crush on since third grade.

We put ourselves through harsh training and try to fit even worse roles. Nine inch heels that you still have burns on you feet from. A ton of hairspray that has not completely washed out. And the belly ache from the breathe sucker you finally took off, all for one night.

All this, ladies, is a reminder that no one is perfect, every girl at prom underwent the pain and the discomfort. I could give a whole other post on how to avoid these stressors but no one would listen, due to the fact of everyone is in the same race, for the best, and the winner will never be accounted for. This reality is often unrealized by us females. It is a sad but bitter truth. We are a perfectly imperfect species.

But just do remember ladies: we all are beautiful. We all need to just be comfortable and confident in our own skin, because it is no one else’s. No one else bought it at the same store or has it hiding in their closets.

And that, my fellow females of Putnam County High School, is the most unique and elegant dress you can fit into!

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